May 2021

Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager supports the commercial and technical performance of Margam Green Energy Plant on behalf of its owner MGEL (Margam Green Energy Ltd).  In this role, the Assistant General Manager will support the General Manager and other site team members to ensure that key contracts such as the Fuel Supply Agreement, O&M Contract, Power Purchase Agreement and other offtake arrangements are correctly administered and will liaise with all contractual counter parties in that regard.

The Assistant General Manager will also support the General Manager acting on behalf of the owner in its relations with local stakeholders and regulatory bodies such as Natural Resource Wales and Ofgem (the plant earns income under the Renewables Obligation).  As well as these day to day activities, the Assistant General Manager can be expected to engage with the EPC Contractor on matters arising from post-commissioning engineering works and to engage in the development of capital projects aimed at enhancing the project’s environmental and economic credentials (e.g. options for district heating) and other engineering projects to continually improve the Margam facility.

For more information about the job and how to apply, please visit:

Deadline for applications:  May 28th