Project Technology

Waste wood (wood chip) is delivered via HGV to a fuel reception and storage building. The building stores, organises and feeds from the storage areas; it has a total capacity of 5 days storage.

Fuel is conveyed from the storage building to a dosing silo in the boiler building before being introduced into the furnace at a controlled rate.  The material burns over a proprietary grate, the heat being used to raise steam within the boiler which is collected and then superheated before being directed to the steam turbine.

This converts the energy in the steam to rotational energy which drives a generator via a gearbox producing electricity at 11kV.  The exhaust steam passes through an air cooled condenser which returns the condensate to the system.

The flue gases pass through economisers which transfer heat to the combustion air stream and feedwater to improve efficiency.  Emissions are continuously monitored and the flue gas treatment system ensures these are kept within the limits specified in the plant’s environmental permit.

Electricity is exported to the grid via an underground 132kV cable via an electricity substation positioned on site. The grid connection is located 250m west of the substation and the cable routing runs directly to the point of connection.